SUMMER 6’S 2018-2019

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* Note DO NOT tick any HQ boxes!!! Choose the ATHA Summer 6's registration box only!
We will send players a separate link for insurance if they did not play hockey this season.

SUMMER 6'S General Information 2018

2018-2019 SUMMER 6'S RULES

Summer 6's starts October 23rd. 🏑 😎 😍
We have 6 Serious 6's teams:
Great Northerners (Anika Mitchell) Maroon shirt/Purple socks
Doddsballs (Kelli Dodds) Royal Blue shirt & socks
Young Guns (Robbie Masasso) Yellow shirt/Red socks
Dude Ranch (Maddie Duncan) Gray shirt/Black socks
Light Weights (Riley Pollen) Black shirt/White socks
One Hit Wonders (Taylor Somerville) Orange shirt & socks
and 6 Social 6's teams:
Plastered Chicks (Anne Roberts) Purple shirt/Black socks
M & M's (Fiona Masasso) Red shirt & socks
Ya Bish (Chrissie Mehmet) Pink shirt & socks
Rag Tag Hooligans (Catie Boyd) Green shirt & socks
Black Sheep (Susan Wharton) Black & Teal shirt/ Yellow Socks
Blusie Floozies (Shirley Godfrey) Blue shirt & socks
If you are not in a team yet and want to play please let us know and we will find you a team  🏑 😍 😎



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